Hello! My name is Eraldo, and I am a videogame music composer.

About my work

I work composing soundtracks for games. although music is my main focus, I work with sound design and dynamic audio too (FMOD/Wwise). I know how to compose in several genres, but my comfort zone is at the extremities: orchestral and electronic music, upbeat, melancholic, epic and relaxing.

About me

In 2015 I started playing with music and ended up discovering a new hobby. I have been always crazy about games, so much that in 2018 I started studying game design at college, but my passion for music grew more and more, and I decided to change my focus and become a composer for games. I started joining game jams, which helped me know new genres and music styles, and brought me inside the game development universe. Today I have the pleasure of working with my two passions: music and games.

Recent works